Friday, August 15, 2008

ebmw001 Initializing: Phase One Soundtrack

Belgrade 2012.
NEL is sent to Belgrade to eliminate underground
terrorist group called "UR- Urban Resistance. NEL is (Nanotech
Experimental Lifeform) a female nanotech organism that is produced
in top secret US military base. Chased by agents NEL sneak to an
underground party and by accident she inject something into Jan. The
last thing that Jan hear is "UR". In days after accident Jan starts
to experience strange things. Are they flashes from drugs or it is
raly happening to him? But one thing is fixed to his mind, "UR".
Some friends tell him that they saw a graphitti with "UR" symbol. So
he start his search for "UR". Meanwhile dead bodys start to apear
all over the city. Some have cut wounds, some bite wounds and there
are some strange piles of ash near them. During his search Jan finds
a man and a clue how to find "UR". But he is unaware that he is
under constant surveilance. After an attempt of arrest Jan escapes
and goes to the roof of a building. He gets shot by agents
and fell down. Agents declared him dead and leave. Down on a
pavement is Jans dead body all covered with blood.But, suddenly his
limbs start to move with cracking sound of his bones. He opens his
eyes and rise his head and the first thing he see is NEL standing in
the dark.......

Unexistence – First Epiphany
TLF – Initializing Ph1
Afekt – Binary nu
Ghoul Detail – Acros Te Styx
Random Insults – Cybernetic Love
Magna – Libertate Tutem
Ethnofobija – Kreativ
Bipolar Murder Musik – Cyberoptik Memory
Phlastah - Hurricane
Massaker Staccato – Deep Space SeX
N 616 – Production
Hematurge – Get Outta My Head
Sub Dalek – Automated Hysteria
Dolmen Sniper – Dead End
Evil Computer Genius – Nuclear Winter

Genre: Industrial/EBM/Electronica
15 tracks @ 256 kbps + jewelcase cover @



Unknown said...

razvaljuje me ovaj rapidshare :(

Anonymous said...

Very nice compilation. Thank you for including me on it. Really dig the anime/cyberpunk-ish theme. Great work man.

Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.